Valentine Heart Cookies

These cookies are easy to make and don’t require much artistic skill.  They were decorated with stencils.  Stencils are available in craft stores.

With just roll-out cookie dough, a cookie cutter, royal icing and a stencil, cookies can look like a piece of art.

Stencils can be purchased here

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5 comments on “Valentine Heart Cookies

  1. Mateja says:

    A real tasty pieces of art! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Kristen says:

    Those cookies are just stunning. I would want to frame them and not let my sons touch them….they would have them in crumbs in seconds.

  3. Cara says:

    I have to tell you; I’ve been checking out your blog and I love it! You’re desserts are the most creative I’ve seen. So far, I want to try most of your recipes and that’s not the case with most food blogs. You should update your ‘about’ page and tell us a little about yourself. I look forward to more from your kitchen.

  4. yin says:

    Love the design on the cookies, great V day gift for sure. I think if they have chinese character of “luck” “福” then would be great for Chinese new year cookies also right? :-P

  5. poppyent says:

    These look amazing !

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